Need a Mortgage Consultant & Financing Approval?

Whether you are currently ready to Buy, want to look ahead, or want to know the best course of action to repair/rebuild damaged credit so that you can get approved for home/property financing it is always best to contact a qualified and reputable mortgage consultant.

You also will want and need to know exactly what price range you qualify for and what payment range you will be able to handle and be comfortable with. Besides the fact you do not want to enter into a purchase agreement only to find out, you may have been able to purchase more home or a better quality home or that you cannot purchase that perfect match you just made an offer on because you do not qualify for the mortgage and sellers will want to know you are financially qualified before opening up their home for a showing or accepting an offer. You will also need to know what loan program you are approved for, the amount of down payment required, closing cost amount to make sure the home meets the requirements for your loan and to properly structure your offer.  Contact Jon  for great recommended local lenders.